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Eric M. Sears

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specializing in criminal defense

Aggressive Defense

to ensure the protection of your rights

Effective Representation

in advance of arrest and well beyond appeal

  • Admitted to practice in New York State courts, federal courts, and the Supreme Court of the United States

  • Member, New York State Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and New York
  • Appointed to the Homicide Panel of the Assigned Counsel Plan
  • Certified as lead counsel in New York death penalty cases
  • Appointed to the Central Screening Committee of the Assigned Counsel Plan
  • Guest lecturer in trial practices at the Columbia University and Fordham University law school
  • Degrees from Princeton University and Columbia University Law School

In practice for more than 25 years, I have been defending the rights of the Accused in criminal cases.

I have extensive experience in:

  • Federal and State crimes
  • drug offenses
  • sex offenses
  • white collar crimes
  • appeals
  • crimes of violence
  • domestic disputes
  • juvenile issues
  • family-related legal disputes
  • driving while intoxicated
  • vehicular offenses
  • civil rights violations
  • violations, misdemeanors, and felony offenses

Please contact me with any questions or assist with any legal issue:

P: 212.252.8560

C: 917.929.2096

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